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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Airlines Advertising Slogans / Taglines

Here are some collections of Airlines companies slogans and taglines:

AerLingus - Low Fares. Way Better
Aeroflot, Russian airline - Sincerely yours, Aeroflot
Air Asia - Now everyone can fly
Air Canada - Air Canada. Defy obstacles.
Air Canada - World class, worldwide
Air China - Top - quality service for you
Air China - Trip with Air China: relieved, satisfactory, comfortable and moved
Air China - Service world with love, navigate future with innovation
Air China - Meet the customer’s demand, create mutual value
Air China - Lucky with Phoenix
Air China - China’s wings bring love full of the sky
Air China - Love of Air China accompanies you
Air Deccan - Simplifly
Air France - Air France. One of the best places on earth.
Air France - Making the sky the best place on Earth
Air India - Maharaja of the skies
Air India - Your airline
Air India – Why crawl when you can fly
Air New Zealand - Being there is everything
Air New Zealand - The world's warmest welcome.
Air New Zealand - Being there is everything
Air Tanzania - The wings of Kilimanjaro
Alitalia - Alitalia. The wings of Italy.
America West Airlines - Lower fares, fewer restrictions
American Airlines - We know why you fly. We're American Airlines.
American Airlines - Something special in the air
American Airlines - Doing What We Do Best
American Airlines - Something special in the air
American Airlines - We know why you fly
American Airlines - We're American Airlines, doing what we do best
Austrian Airlines - Austrian. Fly with friends.
Austrian Airlines - The most friendly airline.
Austrian Airlines - Austrian. Like a smile in the sky.
Bangkok Airways - Asia's boutique airline - Exclusive Service to Exotic Gems.
Braathens - Braathens. The wings of Norway.
Braniff Airways - We Better be Better, We're Braniff
Braniff Airways - If You've Got It, Flaunt It
Braniff International - We better be better, we're Braniff!
British Airways - British Airways. To fly. To serve.
British Airways - The world's favourite airline.
British Airways - We'll take more care of you
British Airways - The world's favourite airline
British Caledonian Airline - We never forget you have a choice
Caledonia Airlines - I wish they all could be Caledonia girls
Cathay Pacific Airways - Cathay Pacific. The heart of Asia.
Continental Airlines - Work Hard. Fly Right.
Continental Airlines - The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail
Continental Airlines - We really move our tail for you
Delta - Delta gets you there. We're ready to fly
Delta - Delta is ready when you are
Delta - Good goes around
Delta Air Lines - Much more space (advertising of Delta business class)
Delta Air Lines - Delta gets you there
Delta Air Lines - You'll love the way we fly
Delta Air Lines - Delta is ready when you are
Delta Air Lines - Airline of the South
Delta Air Lines - We love to fly, and it shows
Eastern Air Lines - The Wings of Man
Eastern Air Lines - America's favorite way to fly
Eastern Airlines - We have to earn our wings every day.
Eastern Airlines - Eastern Airlines. The Wings of Man.
easyJet - Come on, let's fly!
Eva Air - Eva Air. The wings of Taiwan.
Frontier Airlines, United States - Frontier. A whole different animal
Hawaiian Airlines - Hawaii Starts Here
Hughes Air West - The top banana in the West
Iberia airline, Spain - Iberia. One of the world's best airlines.
Iberia airline, Spain - More than just flying
Jet Airways - The Joy of Flying Jet Airways
Jetblue Airways - We like you too
JetBlue Airways, USA - JetBlue. You'll Want to Fly Again!
Kingfisher Airlines - Fly the Good times Kingfisher Airlines
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines - KLM. The Reliable Airline
LAN Chile Airlines (now - LAN) - The Spirit of the South of the World
Lufthansa - Lufthansa. There's no better way to fly
Malaysia Airlines - Going beyond expectations
National Airlines - Fly me!
Northwest Airlines - Northwest Airlines. Some people just know how to fly.
Northwest Airlines - Simply the best
Olympic Airways - Half The Fun Is Getting There
Pan American World Airways - The World's Most Experienced Airline
Pan American World Airways (now does not exist) - PanAm. We're flying better than ever.
People Express (now does not exist) - People Express. Fly smart.
PSA - Catch Our Smile
Qantas - Qantas. The Spirit of Australia.
Ryanair - Ryanair. Fly cheaper.
Ryanair - The Low Fares Airline.
Sabena - Enjoy our company
Singapore Airlines - Singapore Girl, you're a great way to fly
Singapore Airlines (SIA) - A great way to fly
Southwest Airlines - Stop Searching. Start Traveling.
Southwest Airlines - A Symbol of Freedom
Southwest Airlines - Southwest Airlines. THE Low Fare Airline.
Southwest Airlines - How do we love you? Let us count the ways.
Southwest Airlines - A Symbol of Freedom
Southwest Airlines - Just plane smart
Southwest Airlines - ding You are now free to move about the country
Spirit Airlines, USA - Catch the Spirit!
Swissair - Swiss. The refreshing airline.
Swissair - The world's most refreshing airline.
Ted - Time flies when you fly Ted
Trans World Airlines (TWA) - One mission. Yours.
Trans World Airlines (TWA) - TWA. Up, up, and away.
Trans World Airlines (TWA) - You're going to like us.
United Airlines - It's time to fly
United Airlines - Life is a journey, travel it well.
United Airlines - Fly the friendly skies of United.
United Airlines - It's time to fly
United Airlines, 1966–1997, Leo Burnett - Come fly the friendly skies
Virgin Atlantic Airways - No ordinary airline
Western Airlines - Western Airlines - The only way to fly

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